Episode 22 - ┬┐Vamos a Jugar un Juego de Mesa?

While Trump promises to build a Mexican wall, the crew from Board Games and Brew embrace our brothers and sisters south of the boarder with a few Spanish lessons, a discussion about gaming with non-English speakers and a six pack of Moose Drool. Next, Host Dan gives his initial impressions about Flip City by TMG and declares Tumbling Dice an official sport. Finally, we end the episode with a very Brady moment. Yes, Jeff is Bobby for sure.


  • 0:00:00 - Intro
  • 0:03:33 - Moose Drool
  • 0:09:11 - Games for Non English Speakers
  • 0:29:15 - Flip City
  • 0:35:45 - Bits and More Bits
  • 0:52:25 - Which Brady Are We?
  • 0:55:26 - End

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