Episode 5 - Are You Ready for Some Football?

Peter from the League of Game Makers gives us a report from the 2014 Boardgamegeek Con. Then Bastard Tom gives us our delicious beers of the week. Finally, we turn up the gamer testosterone and ask board game designers that age old question “Are you ready for some football?” Ok, so that question has probably never been asked, but Jeff, from Cosmic Wombat games, explores what game designers can learn from football with Bastard Tom, Dan and our special guests - Jeremy the Sexy Accountant and Football Vanessa.


  • 0:00:00 - BGG Con Report
  • 0:15:46 - Introduction
  • 0:17:00 - Bastard Tom’s Beer of the Week
  • 0:20:43 - News
  • 0:29:27 - Are You Ready for Some Football?
  • 0:51:10 - Parting Words

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