Episode 8 - Let's Play Quilt Show!

Ok listeners, this is the show you have been waiting for!  Hold onto your sewing machines and get ready for the fair.  First we noodle around with the idea of game themes.  Next the Board Games and Brew crew remove the shrink-wrap on a copy of Quilt Show and we tell you what we think about it.  Lastly, we interview the designers of Quilt Show, Steve Bennett and Judy Martin, and we learn a bit about the history behind the game.  We miss you Jeff!


  • 0:00:00 - I am Recording!
  • 0:01:18 - Beers of the Week
  • 0:08:40 - Murder Mystery Reflections
  • 0:09:43 - Tom Loves 1775
  • 0:14:00 - Scoville is Fun
  • 0:16:44 - Unusual Game Themes
  • 0:31:50 - Review of Quilt Show
  • 0:47:43 - Steve and Judy Interview
  • 1:30:38 - End

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