Episode 24 - Women in Gaming

Huddled in the broadcast bunker, we break are record with three guests at the same time; Player Michelle, Listener Danielle, and Listener Dave.  We start the episode by enjoying some delish home brew from Listener Greg. We agree that Greg really should quit the whole computer thing and just make us beer.  We mean it!

Filled with beer, we discuss why there are not more women in the tabletop gaming hobby? Is the the smell of corn chips and gym socks?  The male ego?  Perhaps alien intervention?  Listen to the episode and find out. Read More

Episode 23 - Campaign Trail

Even though the U.S. Presidential election is still over a year away, the candidates are already jockeying for position in the primaries and slinging mud like pigs at Thanksgiving.  Lucky for us, we don't have to run for President to play the election game.  We can simply back Campaign Trail on Kickstarter on September 16th, 2015.  Listen and learn! Read More

Episode 22 - ¿Vamos a Jugar un Juego de Mesa?

While Trump promises to build a Mexican wall, the crew from Board Games and Brew embrace our brothers and sisters south of the boarder with a few Spanish lessons, a discussion about gaming with non-English speakers and a six pack of Moose Drool. Next, Host Dan gives his initial impressions about Flip City by TMG and declares Tumbling Dice an official sport. Finally, we end the episode with a very Brady moment. Yes, Jeff is Bobby for sure. Read More

Episode 21 - Gencon 2015 Post Mortem

Some may find this disappointing, but the entire team is back after a month vacationing, saving the Green monetary system, freeing drug lords and Gencon. 

Cosmic Wombat Jeff, Bastard Tom, Widow Kate and host Dan start the show by sharing their impressions of Gencon 2015.

Dan and Widow Kate interview Alex from Plaid Hat games to talk about Ashes, Tail Feathers and news about the purchase of Plaid Hat Games by F2Z Entertainment.

Finding us worthy, the mighty Asmodee talks with us about Mysterium and several other new titles for 2015 and 2016.

Finally, we listen to "SAVE THE ORCS" by Captain Ambivalent at Gencon 2015. Read More  

Episode 20 - School's Out For Summer!

Contrary to the moral majority and common taste, somehow we made it to episode twenty!  One more Episode and we get to buy our own Beer. 

We start by enjoying the beer blesses and fan letter sent to use by the Semi-Gaming Widow Danielle.  Her letter contains these definitive truths:  1. It's always Jeff's fault.  2. Kate and Danielle love Bananagrams  because it comes in a Banana hammock.  3. We are all wrong - Theme and Mechanics are tied.  4. Danielle agrees with Daniel that Lanterns is better than Splendor so it proves she is of above average intelligence.

Finally, Jeff, Daniel and Kate discuss the best game to bring while traveling on vacation with the family while enjoying Bell's beer. Read More

Episode 19 - Bob Barker is Not Dead

Summer is here so Bastard Tom, Host Dan, and Widow Kate are busy trimming their gaming bits in anticipation of the swimsuit season while Jeff does his "nature thing" in the woods.  Be thankful we only do a video podcast.

In the mean time, please enjoy our 19th episode where we ponder the physical condition of Bob Barker and share how Bastard Tom and Dan were able to con a room full of intelligent people they were board game experts.  Lastly listen to an interview Max and Sharang, the most excellent winners of the DFW Nerd Night Game Design Competition.  They share how they came up with their design named "Mad Scientist Foundation". Read More

Episode 18 - Tiny Epic Gencon Primer - Part 2

Fueled by cheap beer and an empty stomach, Kate and Daniel discuss their enjoyment of Tower and review Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes' Call by Gamelyn Games (Kickstarting on June 22, 2015).  Finally, just before the episode slides into the abyss of mediocrity, we speak with sexy Nathan Cornelius and he shares more valuable advice on attending Gencon.  Read More

Episode 17 - Gencon Primer - Part 1

Come grab a seat by the fire and crack open a fresh beer.  Listener Vance, using his seventeen years of experience, gives us a primer on Gencon.  Why is Gencon the biggest and best of all gaming conventions?  How do you get Gencon Tickets?  How do you get a room?  What should you see?  What should you eat?  Will somebody get mad if you murder a LARPER?  Pay close attention because according to GI Joe, "knowing is half the battle!" Read More

Episode 16 - Kublacon 2015: Tom on the Street!

The Board Games and Brew crew finally hit the road for their first mobile show and broadcast from Kublacon 2015.  Bastard Tom, burdened with a hangover and elderly legs, stumbles though the convention to in interview its colorful participants.  Special thanks to Kublacon, Listener Vance and our Sponsors for help with this event. Read More

Episode 15 - Just the Two of Us!

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try!  Due to our extreme body odor or left political leanings Kate and Daniel are left on their own to record episode 15 where they welcome listener #14 and give the details on our Kublacon contest.  Finally, the gloves come off!  Spendor and Lanterns jump in the battle arena to determine which is the better game.  FIGHT! Read More

Episode 14 - JR Cheers us Up!

Much to the disappointment of gamers with good taste and strong moral values, the crew of Board Games and Brew is back with another episode.  It appears the rumors about our April demise at the hands of a Las Vegas Elvis impersonator were not true.   In this episode Tom tried to Kill Kate and Daniel with 1939 Nazi War surplus beer so in an effort to lift our spirits we call JR Honeycutt.  JR Reflects upon his game design contest and tells us about his Kickstarter project Millennium Blades! Read More

Episode 13 - Is My AquaSphere Leaking

Like a three legged dog, the team limps along without Bastard Tom this episode.  Jeff does his best to fill in for Tom and the beer of the week.  Next we try to figure out what the fuck is wrong with Indiana and give props to GenCon for taking a stance.  Next, we put on our scuba gear and review AquaSphere by Stefen Feld. Lastly we finally get to talk with Steve Behnke, the Daniel proclaimed "RAP MASTER OF THE BOARD GAME WORLD".  WARNING: This episode should not be consumed with a full stomach.  Consult your physician. Read More

Episode 12 - Theme Verses Mechanics

Beware the Ides of March!!! Today the entire board games and brew crew show up with their spouses for Viticulture board game night, but before the game starts we slug our way though the often debated topic - What is more important in a Board Game: Theme or Mechanics?  We also learn Bastard Tom's secret to playing through a game with broken mechanics - beer and lots of it. Read More

Episode 11 - A Little Modesty

Along with no shame we have even less modesty.  Realizing this could get us into trouble we decided to invite Eliot Hochberg and Joseph Limbaugh from Modest Games into the show.  Eliot and Joseph discuss their upcoming releases and give us some insight into how they go about creating their great games.  Finally, we Skype-Bomb listener Vance to get the scoop on his never-ending game collection.  We are taking bets on what what will fail first; his wife's patience, his wallet or his Ikea shelves. Read More

Episode 10 - Game Conventions

The game geeks return to the studio while the gaming widows run back to their actual lives. While cracking open a few cold ones provided by our episode sponsor, Dave Armstrong, the team shares their thoughts on gaming conventions. Then the team interviews the Japji Khalsa, the Executive Director of Kublacon - an amazing game convention held in the SF Bay area every memorial day weekend. Lastly, we share our new favorite song "GAME WEEKEND 2015" - sung by the soon to be famous Steve Behnke. Read More

Episode 9 - The Gaming Widows Take Over

Kate, Victoria, Vanessa, Betsy and Raquel storm the mics and send the boys to play board games in the other room.  Under the influence of beer and hard lemonade, the gaming widows uncover the shocking truth about what it is like to be in a relationship with a board gamer.  Oprah ain't got nothing on these ladies.  Gentlemen, grab your lover, pour her a tall "thirsty-two" ounce glass of white wine and enjoy the show.  But Be careful, you just might learn something! Read More

Episode B1 - The Greatest Person Alive Today!

Welcome to our first Bonus Episode of 2015.  We had the pleasure of interviewing the greatest person alive today, JR Honeycutt of DWF Nerd Night.  JR gives us the scoop on his Game Design Contest under way and charms us with his sweet singing voice.  Listen and enjoy the FIREWORKS! Read More

Episode 8 - Let's Play Quilt Show!

Ok listeners, this is the show you have been waiting for!  Hold onto your sewing machines and get ready for the fair.  First we noodle around with the idea of game themes.  Next the Board Games and Brew crew remove the shrink-wrap on a copy of Quilt Show and we tell you what we think about it.  Lastly, we interview the designers of Quilt Show, Steve Bennett and Judy Martin, and we learn a bit about the history behind the game.  We miss you Jeff! Read More

Episode 7 - Tiny Epic Double Take

The crew from Board Games and Brew kick off 2015 with an interview with Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games to talk about the history of his company and the upcoming Kickstarter for Tiny Epic Galaxies on Jan 8, 2015.  Then we welcome Listener Vance to the game dungeon to drink some beers from Flying Dog brewing and discuss the games we enjoyed most in 2014 along with new-year resolutions we have no intent on keeping.  Read More

Episode 6 - Gamer Snobs

Hey, it's the holidays. Don't expect too much.  We managed to squeeze one last episode in 2014.  We start the episode with a family review of Colt Express.  Then we welcome our guests Random Casual Jon, Plain Cliff and Nathan Cornelius with Cosmic Wombat Games.  Nathan tells us why he is the real brains behind Cosmic Wombat Games and gives us an update on Campaign Trail.  Finally we hurry along to talk about gaming snobbery.   Read More

Episode 5 - Are You Ready for Some Football?

Peter from the League of Game Makers gives us a report from the 2014 Boardgamegeek Con. Then Bastard Tom gives us our delicious beers of the week. Finally, we turn up the gamer testosterone and ask board game designers that age old question “Are you ready for some football?” Ok, so that question has probably never been asked, but Jeff from Cosmic Wombat games explores what game designers can learn from football with Bastard Tom, Dan and our special guests - Jeremy the Sexy Accountant and Football Vanessa. Read More

Episode 4 - Don't Be a Gamer Santa

In this episode we welcome Tom the Bastard, Random Casual Gamer Jon and Listener Vance to discuss what board games we want for Christmas this year. We also enjoy the drink of the show - the Cosmic Wombat while publically declaring our love for The Broken Token game box inserts. Read More

Episode 3 - Your Gaming Widow

Are you a gamer with a spouse or partner who does not like to game?  Perhaps you plan on having a girlfriend/boyfriend in the future and with to prepare for the eventual board game conversion.  Kate and Daniel discuss a few games and hints that helped Kate show Daniel the love language of playing board games. Read More

Episode 2 - Designing with Clubs and Groups

Thanks for sticking it out to episode two.  We applaud your constitution.  In this episode we talk about using groups for collaborative game design with Peter, the founder of the League of Game Makers.  Finally, we discuss a few games with ugly boxes that we really love. Read More

Episode 1 - Are You a Board Game Addict?

The team welcomes you to the first episode of Board Games and Brew along with our guest host Tom Lathos.  Each of us share stories about playing games with Tom and we discuss how we like Tiny Epic Kingdoms. We delve deep into our our psyche and take the Board Game Addict quiz to determine our board game addition levels. Read More